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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Nerd's Burden

This is a poem I write for English class. It's parody of Rudyard Kipling's White Man's Burden.

The Nerd's Burden
Take up the Nerd's burden.
Bring fourth your light sabers.
Go bring your costumes
To wait for the movies premier.
To sit and debate
The powers of superheroes.
To annoy passersby
Half-embarrassed half longing to join.

Take up the Nerd's burden.
In patience you will wait
For a movie that follows the comic.
And show your pride and love
For Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh. 
A hundred time the mockery
Of those that not understand, "Phoenix Down"
And praise for those that do.

Take up the Nerd's burden.
The savage wars of stars.
Don't let others be fooled
The original trilogy is best.
When your goal is near
Someone won't have seen it.
And punish heathen blasphemy
About the special effects.

Take up the Nerd's burden.
No tyrannical rules of cool
But the rules of dork and spaz
More common than others admit.
The worlds you can not travel
The powers you cannot have
Go learn about them
And teach your knowledge to others.

Take up the Nerd's burden. 
Be done with mature days.
The acting your age in public.
the wearing of common clothing.
Come now and wear your costumes
To school, work and the mall.
Bright, colorful and eye catching
Ignore the judgement of your peers!

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